Surgical Oncology EBSQ Examination


In light of the growing health impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic, the UEMS Division of Surgical Oncology has decided to suspend the Surgical Oncology Exam both in English and German language until 2021.
The current situation regarding the pandemic situation and travelling is highly unpredictable and we are aware that many of you are now focused on fight against pandemic. We therefore decided as mentioned above – to suspend the Surgical Oncology Exam both in English and German language until 2021.
We will honour all eligibility assessments we have already accepted for this year and also any candidates who wished to resit from previous years. Candidates for the Surgical Oncology Exam in English language who are already accepted may choose either to have their applications transferred to the next sitting in 2021 or a full refund will be offered. Candidates who will select full refund will have to re-apply next year, if they wish to take the exam. We plan to hold the next written exam at multiple global locations in June 2021 and the orals in November 2021 in Lisbon, Portugal, just after the ESSO40. Exact dates will be announced later.
Please contact the UEMS office on office@uemssurg.org for details of how to change your current exam application dates or request a full refund.
Candidates for the Surgical Oncology Exam in German language will be informed about the alternative dates and location as soon as we confirm it – details will be known in two to four weeks. Therefore, please visit this site frequently to be updated about the progress
We realise that this will be a disappointment for many of you who have already started to prepare for the exam. We apologise for any inconvenience or distress this may cause.

The 2021 Exam will be in English and German languages.

The content and the course of the exam as well as the eligibility criteria are the same both for the English and German language exams.

For the German language exam there will be two groups of candidates:

The first group of candidates are the members of the German Association of Surgical Oncology (ACO) who completed one-year fellowship program of Surgical Oncology in Germany. In case of successful exam, they will receive both UEMS and ACO certificate.

The second group of candidates are the non-members of ACO. In case of successful exam, they will receive UEMS certificate but not the ACO certificate.

Both groups will have the same exam in German language at the same place and time. The number of candidates is limited and applicants will be served on the first-come, first-served basis.

The written exam both in English and German language includes the questions from the following areas:

  • Breast
  • Sarcom
  • Colorectal/Peritoneal surface malignancies
  • Upper GI
  • Hepato/Pancreato/Biliary
  • Endocrine/Melanoma/Skin
  • General Oncology

Only candidates who passed the written exam will be invited to take the oral exam. During the registration process, candidates will be asked to fill and upload the Sub-Specialist-Area entry form together with all other documents (which is downloadable from the table below) in which they need to specify 3 sub-specialist areas of expertise. During the oral exam, examiners will select two areas out of the selected three which will form the focus of the oral examination. Please note that this applies ONLY for the oral exam. Written test includes questions from all above listed areas of expertise.