Oesophagogastric Curriculum

Candidates Knowledge and Skills

The “transferable competency” of OG Surgery requires assessed and documented numbers for “Knowledge and Skills”. Candidates for the qualification must demonstrate skills in each of the above areas of responsibility and be able to present a complete and signed log-book.
The candidates’ individual log-books have to fulfill the UEMS criteria. In the logbook for each item patient’s initials (or hospital admission number), type of procedure, date of procedure and approval with signature by independent expert have to be provided.
The individual log-books for the categories A, B and C are scrutinized in the Eligibility I process.
The minimal Eligibility requirement for a UEMS OG Surgery qualification is a proved number of 800 credit points for interventions and / or procedures, endoscopies and operations (categories A + B + C).
For each intervention (A) as principle surgeon/endoscopy (B) as principle surgeon or operation (C) performed by the candidate as assistant 1 credit point is given.
For each operation (C) performed by the candidate as principle surgeon (the principle surgeon is the person who performs the majority of the essential steps of the procedure) 2 credit points are given.
At least 50% of the total number of 800 credit points have to achieved as principle surgeon.

This means, that a total of 400 interventions/procedures/endoscopies/operations (categories A + B + C) are the minimum requirement, when they are all performed as principle surgeon

A. Interventions, Proceduresn=100
B. Endoscopies n=415
C. Operations (total)  n=265
– Thoraxn=50
– Abdomen (major resections)n=200
– Minimal Invasive endoscopic proceduresn=15

For pragmatic reasons provisional arrangements are provided (see below: “Provisional arrangements”) to enhance the qualification until complete European harmonisation of surgical training is achieved.
These provisional arrangements allow a range of different compensations to consider various national and/or individual situations.